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Game not loading / I cannot get into the game / Stuck on growing grass

If you’re having issues with loading the game, we’ve got some helpful tips for you. Please try the following:

1. Flash Related Issues

For issues with Flash, please try the suggestions written in our article about Flash:

2. Clear Cache

First, please try and clear your browser cache. 

If you need help with it, this site contains instructions on how to clear your browser cache for each browser:

— Why should I clear my browser cache?

Every site is made up of a lot of files, so to optimize loading speeds, your browser saves pieces of that site. This way, the next time you visit, the site will load much faster. However, we issue fixes on a regular basis, therefore we update the files that make up the site. If we change a file that your browser has cached, it’s possible that sometimes it will keep giving you the old, cached version of that file, so you won’t see the most recent changes. This is when errors happen, so we recommend you clear your browser cache once in a while, just to make sure you’re up to date with the latest changes and fixes.

3. Use a Different Browser

Sometimes, switching to another browser helps solve loading issues. In some cases, even if you clear the cache in your main browser, some things files may still remain behind and prevent the game from loading properly.

Recommended browsers:

  • for Windows: Firefox & Facebook Gameroom
  • for Mac: Firefox & Safari

4. Another Way to Load Your Game

Now, the game normally loads its assets (crops, animals, gear, buildings etc.) in the preloader, which is why it takes a few more seconds to load than it used to — but this generally makes the game even faster. 

But sometimes, due to various possible factors (computer performance, Internet speed, Flash or browser-related problems, and so on), it may be better for you to load the game differently, like before.

Please click the link below and your game will load in a different way:

If you’ve already clicked the link above, here’s how to get your farm to load the normal way (for better performance):

5. Test Farm — To Rule Out Facebook Related Issues

Please try this link ( and check if this test farm loads. This is to test your Facebook permissions and Internet connection, so not something related to your particular farm.

6. Internet Speed

Please take this test ( and check your download speed. Our recommendation is that your download speed should be above 4 Mb/s.