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Someone is cheating / using a Coins & RC Generator!

We are familiar with those fake sites that advertise you can add or generate large amounts of Coins or RC by clicking a few buttons or signing up. That simply does not work in CLM. It’s impossible.

All those scam sites do is try to get your personal data, email/Facebook information, and possibly infest your computer with viruses from dubious websites. Those sites may also contain keyloggers, which is even worse for your privacy and online safety.

What’s more, it would be impossible for someone to find hacks for all the games listed on those scammy sites. 

If you think you’ve been the victim of a phishing attack, please change your email password as soon as possible and contact your email provider (Google, Yahoo, AOL etc.).

Please stay safe and don’t give your info to hackers. Again, those sites don’t work.

The only ways to add RC and Coins are to play CLM or through in-game purchases.