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How do I find detailing products for the Truck in the Bees farm?

In the Borrowing Detailing Products quest, you have to find a Bucket, a Soap bar, and a Sponge in the Bees farm.

Click on the green “Show me” button in the quest requirements menu and the guide will instruct you how to visit the Bees farm, which is in your Friends bar.

So, here’s where to find the detailing products in the Bees Farm. Warning, major SPOILERS AHEAD:

  • the Bucket — it’s in front of the Water Well, which is next to the Brick Mill in the western area of the farm. 
  • the Soap Bar — it’s on the porch of the Log Cabin in the middle of the Bees farm. 
  • the Sponge — it’s on the porch of the modern Eco House located in the northern area of the farm.

To collect an item, simply click on it and it will be checked off the list.

For the Varnish Can and Paintbrush required in the Borrow Some DIY Articles quest, please CLICK HERE.