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Tabby Cat

The Tuxedo Tabby Cat was a prize for completing the Winter Event 2023.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click on the cat to make Joe call it to him. It will immediately go to Joe, as it will know it’s time for adventures. A blue dot will appear next to the cat’s name. So, if you don’t see a  dot next to the cat’s name, it’s not following Joe.
  2. Go with Joe to different zones of the same map area (farm, Factories etc). The cat will need to run a distance more than 15 steps, enough to find more of those pesky moles that live around the wildflowers. Once the cat reaches Joe, you can check if it spotted something by hovering over the cat. If you see a golden dot next to the name, success. If not, make Joe run some more.
  3. Once you see the golden dot, you can let the cat do its thing and stalk those moles (no, you can’t see them). Once it found them, as they’re usually underground next to some flowers, you will see the flower. The cat will have a red dot next to the name, and it won’t follow Joe until you click on it, or you will collect the flower. As the cat believes you helped with the hunt, it will sometimes make a gleeful gesture.
  4. Pick up the flower with Joe. As a surprise feature, because Joe finds roaming around with the cat a relaxing and fun activity (perhaps they both hunt those moles for various reasons), with every flower picked, Joe will get equal or more energy than it spends! So, finding flowers with the cat earns you extra energy.

Once the cat found the flowers from all map areas (farm, Bellflower Meadows, for who has it, Factories and Water Sawmill), it will be tired and want to go home to get some milk and sleep.

Tabby Cat “timetable” 🙂

The Tabby Cat can find flowers only in the first 2 hours after you first interact with it for the day. After it hunts (finds all plants or 2 hours pass), it gets tired and has to drink milk and sleep for 4 hours. The cat will be ready to hunt again when 20 hours have passed since it went to sleep, no matter when you wake it up.

Example 1: if it goes to sleep and you wake it up after 5 hours, it will be ready to hunt again in 15 hours.

Example 2: if it goes to sleep and you wake it up after 9 hours, it will be ready to hunt again in 11 hours.improved Tabby Cat flower finding behavior to avoid “finding” flowers in inaccessible areas.

Tabby Cat inside the Farmhouse

Both the Bombay Cat and Tabby Cat can be called inside the Farmhouse, and you can leave them inside. To do so, you must purchase another Cat Bed for each. When inside the Farmhouse, click on the Shop tab > Decorations > Interior. Once you put the cat to sleep in a bed, that bed will be assigned to that cat.