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Mallard Ducks

The Mallard Ducks were a prize for completing the Easter Event 2024.

After you claim the Ducks, you get two quests.

Wild Ducks have many predators, and foxes are one of them. The fox that’s in Bellflower Meadow would have found the Duck’s nest on the pond in main farm anyway in time. By forcing the meetup between the fox and the Mallard Ducks thanks to the magical power of bacon, you will unlock some new produce. Once the fox is full, it won’t fight back when the Ducks defend their nest. In fact, it will retreat. And you’ll get some feathers in return.

In the first part of the “Baconly Clever” quest, you have to feed the Ducks 5 times until they settle on the pond near your farm and make a nest. Remember, the “Show Me” button in the quest’s menu is your friend. 🙂

Click to feed the Ducks some Corn, then the Ducks will eat, and you can feed them again in 3 hours.

In the second part of the quest, Joe has to place 8 Bacon strategically across 3 areas (3 Bacon in Sawmill, then 3 Bacon in Factories, then 2 Bacon in main farm) for the Fox from Bellflower Meadow.

First, add 6 Bacon from your Barn to Joe’s backpack while in your farm — open your Barn, then click the “Move” button for the 6 Bacon. Then, get Joe to the Factories Area, then in the Sawmill Area.

After Joe arrives in the Water Sawmill Area, click on the 3 areas where he can place Bacon, then take him to the Factories area so he can place 3 more Bacon, then finally 2 Bacon in main farm.

After you place the 8 Bacon, wait for the fox to slowly find all pieces, and then eat the final piece of Bacon on your farm. The wait is 48 hours, or you can skip the wait using RC.

Good, now the Fox has found the Duck’s nest.

In the second quest, “Nest and Reward”, Joe has to feed Bacon to the Fox when one duck is on the nest.

So, click on your Ducks when it’s time to feed them (every 3 hours), and one of them will stay back to nest. Then, click to place Bacon and the Fox will jump out of the bush. Since Mallard Ducks are quite vigilant, the one on the nest will instantly jump to safety in the pond and leave a few Feathers and Down Feathers behind. Click to collect them.