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How to plant Grapes

Just as crops need plots, grapes need Grapevine Beds.

ATTENTION: Grapevine Beds are counted as Plots. If you don’t have any room to place more plots or you have reached your limit of plots, remove some plots with your Sell Tool.

So, to plant Grapes, please select your Grapevine Bed Plow Tool.

Then click somewhere on your farm where you have free space.

To plant, click on the empty Grapevine Bed, then select the grapes.

Grapes have an additional growth phase in which they’re maturing from seeds.

Grapes can be harvested several times, since they are perennial plants.

For example, Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes take 48 hours to mature after which they can be harvested 10 times, once every 8 hours.

After your harvest Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes 10 times, you can cut down the grapevine and plant a new one.

You can check the time needed to mature, harvest growth time and number of harvests for each grape variety in the Shop.

Grapes Distance

Grapevines can only be planted with a certain distance between them so the sun can reach the grapes — for an excellent tasting wine.

You cannot put other game items between the grapevine rows, except tiles and fences.