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I didn’t get rewards (OPs and XP) for claiming my ribbon!

Your rewards for claiming ribbons always go to your total. So far, we haven’t had a single case where that didn’t happen.

Facebook controls the sharing function for all games on the network, so sometimes they have issues that cause you to be unable to share your ribbon when you earn it.

When the inability to share happens, your ribbon will remain in your Achievements menu with a “Share” message on it, instead of a “Claim” one.

So, the idea here is that “Claim” and “Share” are two different things.

It can happen sometimes for you to be unable to Share your ribbon for a few days to a couple of weeks.

But the function will be repaired eventually, and you will be able to share your reward — even though it was claimed a while back 🙂

In this photo, the first 2 ribbons were claimed, but not shared, while the third one awaits to be claimed.