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I didn’t get rewards (OPs and XP) for claiming my ribbon!

When you click “Claim!” on a ribbon, the OPs and XP instantly go to your total, but you may not be able to share the ribbon due to Facebook issues — as it’s their platform and they control everything you share on the platform.

When the inability to share happens, your ribbon will remain in your Achievements menu with a “Share!” message on it, instead of a “Claim!” one.

So, the idea here is that “Claim” and “Share” are two different things.

It can happen sometimes for you to be unable to Share your ribbon for a few days to a couple of weeks.

But the function will be repaired eventually, and you will be able to share your reward — even though it was claimed a while back 🙂

In this photo, the first 2 ribbons were claimed, but not shared, while the third one awaits to be claimed.