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Conan the Donkey

Conan was initially a prize for completing the Winter Event of 2021. If you didn’t earn him at the time, you can get him from the Shop > Animals tab for 119 RC.

Conan is happy to roam the open fields around your farm since he’s been working all his life grinding at a mill.

To find Conan around your farm, hover with your mouse cursor over the Map icon at the bottom-left side of your game and click on the “Find Conan” option.

Click on Conan and your mouse cursor will turn into a carrot so you can feed him. Conan will run after the carrot, so you can guide him around the farm like this if he’s in your way when planting.

You can feed Conan 1 Carrot every 3 hours, and receive 100 XP for it.

Donkey Shoes
After you buy Conan, and if you have the Smelter (thus Bellflower Meadow), you can put Donkey Shoes on Conan and have him wear them for good luck. You get the Smelter when you advance to step 27 in the BfM guide (you can find it HERE — keep in mind you have to do all the steps until there).

You will get a quest called “Conan’s Lucky Shoes” where you have to craft donkey shoes, have him wear them for good luck, then… watch out for the donkey kicks!

So, open your Smelter and select Donkey Shoes from the produce selector (it’s on the second page so click the right arrow).

Donkey Shoes require 1 Iron Ore Bucket and 1 Coal Bag, so if you haven’t made them, click on the top left to make an Iron Ore Bucket with 10 Iron Ore, and 1 Coal Bag using 10 Coal.

Right: Hover with your mouse over the Iron Ore Bucket and click the green “Make” button. Do the same for the Coal Bag.

Once you have the Donkey Shoes and Conan is fed, click on Conan then add the four Donkey Shoes. After 20 hours, you can click to startle him, so he can kick back and lose a shoe each time he’s startled. He only loses the back ones, so you’ll have to do this twice.

Remember, you have to collect the Donkey Shoes 20 hours after placing them on Conan.

After you have Worn Donkey Shoes you can craft Lucky Donkey Shoe Souvenirs in the Craft Shack and sell them using 1 Worn Donkey Shoe and 1 Elm Hardwood Lumber.

You can get hardwoods from Elm trees in the last two growth stages (mature and towering) then make the lumber in the Craft Shack.

There is no special order for Lucky Donkey Shoe Souvenirs, but they will bring a NICE profit.