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What is the Farm Kitchen and how do I buy it?

The Farm Kitchen is available at level 10 and it allows you to use ingredients and make more than 50 Recipes. To buy the Farm Kitchen, head on to the Buildings tab in your Ranch Shop. You can only buy one Farm Kitchen for the cost of 5,000 coins, but additional cookware is needed to make it fully operational. Place the Farm Kitchen on your farm, then click on it to take a look at what’s inside.

To make a Recipe, click on the Recipes Book or the stove in the Farm Kitchen. When you’ve decided on which Recipe to make, click on it and see what ingredients are required. If you don’t have all the ingredients, you can plant, harvest or buy them from that recipe’s menu.

If you don’t have the right cookware to make the Recipe, you will be quickly redirected to the Gear tab in the Shop where you can add a Baking Tray, Frying Pan, Cauldron, Cutting Board, Mixing Bowl, Stockpot, Saucepan, or a Rolling Pin to your Farm Kitchen.

Once you have all the required ingredients and cookware, click the green Make button and enjoy watching how the Recipe is made. Once it’s done, it will automatically be placed on the Farm Kitchen’s table for you to collect, which holds a maximum of 3 Recipes.

Each Recipe uses 1 Power. You’ll notice the Power Bar in the top-right part of your screen (the fire icon). Power automatically regenerates at the rate of 1 Power every 3 minutes, up to the maximum of 30 Power. If you’re low on Power, click on the Power bar to ask your friends for more, watch ads in the Vintage Projector, buy some using Ranch Cash… or just wait for a while.

The great thing about the Farm Kitchen is that it can be automated. When you’re in the ingredients list window, you’ll notice an Add button to the left of the recipe’s name. Click on it and the recipe will go in the Add to Pantry phase where it’s automatically made and collected for 7 OPs. You can queue up recipes to the maximum Power you have. Sometimes queues can get scrambled, so if you have the required ingredients for a specific Recipe, but the Make button is greyed out, click on the blue Cancel All button next to it to sort things out.

You’ll notice that some Recipes require Salt and/or Pepper. You can ask your friends for Salt and Pepper, or buy them using Ranch Cash. You can also find Salt and Pepper in the Specials tab of the Shop. The Farm Kitchen can be decorated using Flower Baskets or Terrace Chairs, by purchasing these items from the Shop > Gear tab.

This seems like a lot of information to process but take a deep breath… relax… You’ll learn how the Farm Kitchen works thanks to a few Quests.

There are many Achievements tied to the Farm Kitchen, so start cutting, mixing, boiling, frying, and baking right away!