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What is the Craft Shack and how do I buy it?

The Craft Shack is the ultimate place where you can show off your handcrafting skills and it’s available starting with level 18. It works just like the Farm Kitchen in the sense that it uses 1 Power for every toy or handmade object you make.

To start crafting, you will need to buy the Craft Shack from the Gear tab in the Shop for 17,500 Coins. Once you’ve placed the Craft Shack on your farm, click to open the catalog of objects you can make. Clicking the drop-down menu under the words “Craft Shack” allows you to sort the objects by what you can make, Coins, XP, name, or go back to the default

Next to every toy and object in the Craft Shack window you’ll notice the tool (Circular Saw Blade, Sewing Machine, and Painting Kit) required to craft it — if you don’t already own it. You can buy these tools by clicking two times on an object or by going to the Materials tab in the Shop.

When you decide on a toy or handmade object, click on it to see the list of items needed to make it. When you have all the items and the adequate tools, click on the Make button (Craft Shack) and watch how your toy/object is made. When the finished product is ready, it will go to one of the three wooden stools at the front of your Craft Shack.

Just like the Farm Kitchen, the Craft Shack can automate the production of toys and objects. After you choose a toy or product, click the Add button (Craft Shack) next to its name and the Craft Shack will take over and do the rest for you — for 7 OPs. You can add more objects to the queue by repeatedly clicking on the “Add” button. Also, if the Make button is greyed out but you have all the items and tools, please click the blue “Cancel All” button to fix the issue.

If you’re low on Power, wait for it to regenerate, ask your friends for some, buy it using Ranch Cash, or watch some ads in the Vintage Projector. You’ll notice that some objects in the Craft Shack require a Dye Kit, which you can get from your fellow farmers or with Ranch Cash. You’ll also find special Dye Kits offers in the Special tab in the Shop.