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How long can I collect loot from a Trophy / Treasure Chest for?

You can collect loot for 7 days from your Treasure Chest after you claim it. Place it on your farm and click on it!

Loot is given from each Treasure Chest at the following intervals:

  • Gold Chest – 5 minutes
  • Silver Chest – 7 minutes
  • Bronze Chest – 9 minutes

Your Neighbors can collect from you (if you have won a Trophy or a Gold Chest) indefinitely.

As a winner, you must place the Trophy on your farm.

Neighbors can collect from you only if you keep the Gold Chest on your farm. 🙂

Loot your Neighbors can collect is limited:

  • Gold Trophy – 50 claims/day
  • Silver Trophy – 20claims/day
  • Bronze Trophy – 10claims/day
  • Gold Chest – 20claims/day