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Why am I not getting more colored eggs for Ameraucana Eggs Collection?

It’s best to think of the Ameraucana Eggs Collection as a blue ribbon — those are pretty hard to get, aren’t they?

We calculated how much time it takes the average farmer to get one of those and distributed the specially-colored Ameraucana eggs accordingly, so the Collection was not meant to be done in a few days. 

There is no time limit or deadline for this Collection, but if you want to finish it faster and get the Spirit of Eggstasy statue, we recommend using Automation and getting a few more Ameraucana chickens to make things easier.

However, since there’s no rush to finish it, you can take any approach you want to complete it. There’s no stress and no time pressure to get it done fast. Relax and play casually — the most important thing is to have fun 🙂 You will get it eventually…

This collection is meant as something extra, and the Spirit of Eggstasy golden chicken statue will be a fun one to display on your farm (when we will have more land). The statue is a symbol of something that’s hard to achieve and we believe it’s a great occasion to show off your farm and brag about your trophies.