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What’s ‘Plots to work’? / How to work more than 1 plot at a time?

If you’re all about efficient farming, then you should be happy to hear that there’s a way to work 4 or 9 plots simultaneously. This option is perfect for when you’re in a hurry and need to plant and/or harvest fast.

To plant or harvest more than 1 plot at a time, hover (don’t click) over the Open Tools tab (icon with rake and move) in the central-bottom menu. From the Plots to work menu that appears above the rake and move icon, select how many plots you want to work (1/4/9), depending on how your farm is set up.

  •  1 plot to work — this is your default setting with slower planting and harvesting, and it uses no OPs from Automation
  •  4 plots to work — this option uses 1 OP per plot for every action, whether it’s planting or harvesting
  •  9 plots to work — this option also uses 1 OP per plot for planting or harvesting

For the 4 and 9 plots to work options, OPs are consumed only for the plots that are actually worked on.

So, even if you choose the 9 plots to work option and you only have 2 remaining plots to harvest, you will only use 2 OPs. Basically, it’s pay-per-use.

You’ll also earn 1 XP for every crop you harvest regardless of how many plots you choose to work.

Here’s more about OPs and how to get more: