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What is click locking? / How to plant & harvest without holding the mouse button

Different farmers have different needs. For more advanced players with larger farms, holding the click button and dragging it over all of their plots to plant, harvest, and fertilize can be tiresome.

But luckily, we have an accessibility setting that might help you out.

To enable this setting, head on open the Options Bar in the bottom-right part of your screen by clicking on the small arrow, if it’s closed.

Then, click on the Settings button (hammer & screwdriver icon) and on the bottom of the Game Settings tab you will see an option called Enable click locking for planting & harvesting. This allows you to plant, harvest and fertilize crops without holding the click button while dragging it over your plots. 

You can also click the blue info circle next to the option for a visual explanation.

So, how does it work? If you want to plant more than one plot —and who doesn’t?— first enable the option from the Game Settings tab as explained above.

Then, click and hold once with your selected Crop over an empty plot until the planting bar fully loads, which is about 1 second.

After that, you can release your click button and just drag the mouse pointer over other empty plots to plant at will.

To harvest, click and hold once over a grown crop until the harvesting bar fully loads, then drag the pointer across other crops to harvest them.

You can also click on the small blue info circle there, to see how it works.