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What are Kitchen Ranks?

Kitchen Ranks are meant to help you keep track of your progress in the Farm Kitchen. There will be other advantages to having a higher rank in the Kitchen in the future.

When you first step foot in your Farm Kitchen, everything seems new and confusing and you think you’ll never learn how to cook with truffles.

But as you get more experienced and cook more Recipes, you can advance in the hierarchy from Dish Washer all the way to Head Chef.

Never forget how many recipes you had to cook to get there. Who knows, you might earn a Michelin star one day!

  • Dish Washer — 50 recipes — Washing dishes and cutlery every day is not ideal, but you have to start somewhere. Keep your head up and try new recipes when no one’s looking!
  • Kitchen Porter — 300 recipes — You’ve evolved and even though you still have cleaning duties to attend to, you’re now allowed to perform simple tasks involving food preparations.
  • Commis Chef — 1000 recipes — You have “Chef” in your title! Now you’re a junior member of the kitchen staff and can work under a Chef de Partie to complete your formal culinary training.
  • Chef de Partie — 4000 recipes — This position is vital in the Kitchen, so whether you’re a Butcher Chef, Pantry Chef or Pastry Chef, make sure it’s something you can excel in!
  • Sous Chef — 10000 recipes — The air is rarefied when you’re near the top, but being second in command also means you have more responsibilities. Don’t hesitate to fill in for the Head Chef when he’s not around!
  • Head Chef — 20000 recipes — You’ve made it! You control the whole kitchen and staff and people make table reservations three months in advance for a chance to taste your signature dishes.