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What are Achievements?

Achievements are a way to track your progress and celebrate your farming success.

Every time you earn a Ribbon in an Achievements category, you’re also rewarded with XP points and OPs, depending on the ribbon color (thus, the difficulty).

If you want to check the list of Achievements so that you’ll know which ones to aim for, click on the Mastery, Achievements & Collections ribbon located in the bottom menu. Many top level farmers tend to focus on earning as many blue ribbons as possible, working on a few at a time.

There are many, many Achievements available and completing them will help you level up faster. Currently, there is a total of over 400 Ribbons you can earn, spread over almost 60 Achievement categories — so you’ll always have something to strive for!

Each Achievement has 7 different colored Ribbons: Brown, Purple, Green, Yellow, White, Red, and Blue. Once you earn a Ribbon, you don’t have to keep the items in your barn, so it’s perfectly OK to sell them. To brag about your farming skills, share the reward when you earn Achievements and really show your friends who’s top farmer!

You can also set a target for yourself and start working on a specific ribbon. To do this, simply head on to the Mastery, Achievements & Collections tab and click on the ribbon you would like to work on and confirm your selection. You’ll notice an hourglass button appear over that ribbon. This will also let your fellow farmers know what you’re up to. When you start working on a ribbon, you cannot stop and you can only mark 3 ribbons at the same time. Remember that focus is key here.