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How do I expand my Farm / Yard?

We understand that making your farm look nice while still being efficient in terms of land use can be pretty challenging. There are so many animals, trees, gear, buildings, and decorations to place on your farm but the land area seems limited. But don’t worry, you can expand your Ranch and even add some extra Yard area!

Currently, you can expand your Ranch to a maximum size of 35 x 35 plots, while the maximum size for a Yard is XXL. You can buy expansions using Coins or Ranch Cash from the Expand tab in the Ranch Shop or by clicking on the expand signs on the Southern and Northern sides of your farm.

Here’s how they work:

  • Ranch expansion — increase your farm size to the Southern sides of your farm. Usually, here’s where farmers create more plots for their crops but you can use it to place any items you want.
  • Yard expansion — increase the size of your farm to the Northern sides of your farm. This area accepts animals, trees, buildings (except the Greenhouse), decorations, and gear, but no plots for your crops.