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How to Make Silver Star / Gold Star Maple Syrup

To get the chance to make Silver Star or Gold Star Maple Syrup, you have to click on your Evaporator and choose to personally supervise the evaporation process. Click “Craft” on the menu.

The game requires you to click as soon as the white text appears on the popup board, with “Pour!” or “Transfer!”. The sooner you click, the better the quality, because you will transfer the sap at the right time. The mini-game requires 30 clicks and lasts about 3 minutes.

What starred Maple Syrup you get depends on when you click to transfer the maple sap:

  • Gold Star = 2 points
  • Silver Star = 1 point
  • too soon (before “Transfer!”) or too late (bar passes silver star) = 0 points

After you click to pour your 30 Sap Buckets, your total indicates what Maple Syrup you get

  • 0-24 points – Regular Maple Syrup
  • 25-50 points – Silver Star Maple Syrup
  • 50-60 points – Gold Star Maple Syrup

Since Jerome asks you for Silver and Gold Star Maple Syrup of all grades, you will need to click at the right time (play intentionally slower) to make that specific quality – silver or gold, not just always click as fast as you can. And considering he will ask for random grades, it might take you a while to gather one of each bottle and grade.

Grades are based on when you collect the maple sap, just as in real life. So, in CLM, you will get them randomly.