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Rotten Apples

Rotten Apples can be obtained only if you have added Bellflower Meadow to your game and bought the “The Swamps” plot of land (the small orchard).

“The Swamps” orchard has some wilted apple trees and unlocks Rotten Apples

How it works

Rotten Apples are a treasure of overnight patience and strategy.

One or two Rotten Apples can fall from any Apple Tree with ripe fruits if you leave it unharvested for 8 hours.

Here you can see what the Rotten Apples look like.

When you hover over any ripe Apple Tree, it will show you a countdown timer until you have a chance at Rotten Apples.

You can use Rotten Apples to make Apple Rakia in a Distillery.

Rotten Apples warning

If you don’t want to harvest a ripe Apple Tree by accident and miss your chance at Rotten Apples, then make sure you open your Settings and tick the box next to “Rotten Apples warning”.

This way, if you try to harvest an Apple Tree before it makes Rotten Apples, you will get this warning.