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Farmer Skill Points / Increase your Farm’s Limits

To see your Skill Points menu, please click on: Your farm’s name at the top > “Stats & Skills” tab > “Skill Points” sub-tab.

Farmer Skill Points allow you to specialize in a specific farming activity — if you prefer to have more of one thing.

You can redistribute up to 8 Farmer Skill Points any way you want from the beginning.

Each 1 Farmer Skill point is either one of the following:

  • 4 Plots
  • 2 Trees
  • 1 Animal
  • 1 Gear

You will also be able to earn up to 10 Farmer Skill points — coming soon.

Redistribute Farmer Skill Points

Let’s take an example where you want to remove some plots and have more animals.

Here we have 740 plots in our main farm out of a maximum of 740 plots. But we want to reduce the plots and have more animals.

Since 1 Farmer skill points is either 4 plots, 2 trees, 1 animal, or 1 gear, we will remove 8 plots, get 2 Farmer Skill points, and use them to add animals.

Now we have removed 8 plots and have 732 plots on our main farm out of 740 — which means we can redistribute 2 Farmer Skill points.

To redistribute Farmer Skill Points, reduce the number of maximum plots.

Do this two times to account for the 2 Skill Points you can redistribute (you deleted 8 plots).

Now you have 2 Farmer Skill Points you can use to increase your limit of Animals. Click on the arrow to the right two times to increase the limit from 52 animals to 54, next click the green “Distribute” button to confirm your choice.

That’s it 🙂

To recap, in this example we sold 8 plots to get 2 Farmer Skill Points (as 1 Skill Point is either 4 crops, 2 trees, 1 animal or 1 gear), then used the 2 points to add 2 more animals .