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How do Bees make Honey?

The tiny but big-eyed Bees can make Honey after pollinating your Clover crops.

Bees automatically exit Beehives as soon as your Clover crops reach their last 2 growth phases. In other words, your Bees will start doing their magic after 2 hours (without Sprinklers or Greenhouses).

Make sure you collect the Honey, as it’s an essential ingredient for making delicious pies in the Pie Machine, but also useful for making other Recipes in your Farm Kitchen.

Clover crops that have already been pollinated will get a yellowish tint (representing the pollen).

Tip: place the Beehives close to your Clover to shorten the distance Bees have to cover.

Tip: If you like planting trees as close as possible to one another, you can place Beehives between them to maximize your land use.