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Why are the Crops and Trees changed?

All old crops and trees will be changed / redesigned. There is a good reason — we want to tone down all unrealistically looking crops to green, as they would look in a real garden, in order to make room for flowers to be able to shine.

Can’t have roses compete with tomatoes or tulips with corn. 🙂

The old crops backed us into a creative corner. We want to add many crops, and a simplistic palette of greens (as the old crops had) wouldn’t allow a good differentiation between crops.

We make great efforts to design crops as close to real life as possible, with multiple growth stages. We don’t want to take the easy route — that way you would end up with similar looking “things” on your farm, and we believe there would be no joy when unlocking a new crop or tree.

We don’t think you will find better-looking crops or realistic ones in any other similar game, as we go above and beyond in researching every plant. Making a plant as close to real life as possible is a lot harder than inventing a look for a plant.

Ultimately, we believe that you will instinctually have a better feeling and a more relaxed game/farming experience when all plants look like in real life. When the brain sees what it’s accustomed to, it gets a chance to relax a bit.

In conclusion, please give the new crops and trees a chance! We believe that since they look closer to nature, they should be more appealing and ultimately give you a more relaxing farming experience. 🙂

As an example, here are some photos of real crops (ready to be harvested) and our new plants, for comparison:

We switched from red clover to white clover because red clover is used for hay and white clover is used for grazing, and we feed the cows and goats with fresh clover, even in winter.