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New Engine vs. Old Engine & Flash

The New Engine is mandatory for all future updates, including more land — when it’s ready. The New Enginge is greatly faster than the Old one because it also takes advantage of your graphics card. It is also much more stable, with many bug fixes.

Also, features such as adding Tyrone as a neighbor, the Train, or the Lemonade Stand are only available in the New Engine.

The Old Engine is still in place because there are still a few issues for some players with the New Engine. How smooth the game is in the New Engine depends on a lot of factors, including your computer performance, browser, Internet speed, Flash, and so on…

Anyway, there isn’t much of a choice. Flash will disappear late next year, and all games in Flash (now practically all games on Facebook) won’t work anymore. So, the old engine will disappear as well, unfortunately.

Therefore, we will transition to HTML5 (no more Flash popups), and we’re halfway there with the New Engine.

The New engine is just a new way of loading the same things, but with the advantage of also using the graphics card in your computer.

Please upgrade to the New Engine as soon as possible. If you are having trouble doing so, message us and we will gladly assist you!