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Is there going to be more land?

Yes. We plan to add more land (expansions) in the near future, and it’s in the works for quite some time now.

We don’t want to “cheap out” and offer you a clone farm and call it “more land”. We could have done that really fast, but we feel that would be cheating, and you deserve more.

We listened to the most-often requested features from our farmers and we believe we finally found the best solution to encompass them all.

This solution required LOTS of new content that is interdependent, and cannot be released beforehand. So it all must be ready at the same time, and at the highst level of polish and detail. Unfortunately, that takes time.

Until then, think about whether you’ll use it to decorate your farm or plow the land and plant extra crops. Since currently there is no limit on how many plots you can have (depending on your level), it may feel like the plots you have are never enough in order to progress faster, and you have to decide your plots versus gear ratio.

We gently encourage our farmers not to have so many plots (in respect to their farm size), because there is something to do and take time to enjoy at every level. 🙂